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Our largest site built with Perch to date, fully responsive and content managed throughout. Very proud and has taken quite sometime to complete.

Integrated with a framework we have developed to use with Perch, this allows for easy management of core details and meta data throughout the site and on a per page basis from within Perch. Thinking of sharing it on Github at some point, people may find it really useful.

Perch is then used to manage the bulk of the site including navigation, pages, imagery, content, products, featured items, you name it, using a vast selection of specific templates that we have created.

We also put together some cool custom solutions to select what sidebar items appear on certain pages and the ability to relate products to one another all managed through Perch.

In terms of apps, we have taken advantage of the blog, twitter, forms and backup apps as well as using and creating various dashboard apps.


Marc Sanders

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